Nights of Delightful Distorsion (2012)

by Erich Zann

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    Erich Zann

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Recorded at:
The Metropolitan Recordings
Summer 2012
All music by Erich Zann
Lyrics by Miguel González


released December 3, 2012

Produced & Mixed by:
Miguel González
Mastering by:
Dani Vallés




Erich Zann Valencia, Spain

Erich Zann is a band nested on Valencia which deals a combination of Hard Rock Driven sound with a singular Cinematic Psychedelic Real focus...

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Track Name: Nights of Delightful Distorsion
Would you give me your tease... I know it's not easy
Come home and breath in my ears... crazy lady

Will I go back to all those lonely days?
without you it's so cold again...
I wanna know where do u go
out on those nights of unspeakable wrong...

Would you care for me please? i suffer and miss u!
but you won't give up your instincts... crazy lady

Will I go back to all those lonely days?
without you it's so cold again
I wanna know where do u go
out on those nights of unspeakable wrong...
out on those nights of delightful distorsion
Track Name: 700 Witches
700 witches, holy god of war
they will die together at the stake or by the sword
there’ll be no more werewolf, no more 7th son
you can run through hell from faith you won’t be safe at all...

Season of the witch ain’t gonna last
anymore than a month
700 witches burn

Take care of the neighbourhood, only trust in blood
if you talk to strangers you’ll become 1 of them all!
will you gather on the woods to worship evil gods?

I won’t forsake your soul
...when Satan drags my own
Track Name: Lao-Tze
Baby what do you want from me
Am I feeling your ecstasy
Were you looking for fantasies
...'cause if you believe in miracles
I'm the one to see

Roll on, have a good smoke by me
tell me sister where have you been
There's so much yet to see right here

And I'm already thinkin` about sayin' goodbye
There is so many places so much little little time

Do you Remeber when...
“Judy was a taylor with feathers in her hair
...all along a lonely summer”
Track Name: Sali-baba
Hey little darling, reach out for the days u lived before
Hey little darling look into my eyes and ask for more
Your goal is to remain invisible, i won’t tell the moon
that “the lady is grown too soon”

Little darling... mamma took the key & locked the door
you still have a window and world to know
and time to define your necesities, I won’t tell the sun
that the lady is all alone...
and dreams will come and Glow!

I’ll be Clide & you’ll be Bonnie
we will never say we’re sorry
life forever neverending
they will never know the truth at all!

Hey little darling don’t u know the mystic magic words
Hey little darling I will rag your dress unless you cry
and try to define your necesities, I won’t tell the sun
that the lady is all alone
And dreams will come and Glow!
Track Name: Between Ion Tides
Every day I wake up in the morning...
say a prayer with an open mind
take a look far across my window see my tree as it blinding shines...
and all that I do for him... comes back in my destiny

Came to me in a night of silken shadows...
feral wind far across my sight
say my name and you soon will be followed
come to me & ”my leaves shall be your own”
...oh! how I wish that I did something for you!

He’ll be there if you dare try to spare on me, to pretect what lies under the orange tree... where we’ll share our lives... we won’t say goodbye!

Floating in between Ion Tides
Floating in between Ion Tides
could have been another place in space and time

never let go... faces on the mirror look so old,
wish I never felt a love so strong, you’ll be late another train will go
Track Name: Knocked Down by Love
Oh will u let me go? cause I'm on the long way home
and will I there find somebody?

what do I do with all the things you said
open your eyes into the night
when I’m with u "always" puts me thru

Oh will you let me go? 'cause I hang on a rope
with the aid of nobody

Knocked down by love...
I keep falling keep falling
Track Name: Lullaby
She lives in a world of confort & gold earrings
she would rather die for a lullaby
lost in time... guilt & crime... word & rhyme

Uh... look what you’ve done to me
you had no right to do it

I’m not better I’m not good... I’m not half the man I should...”

She lives in a world thrown in the cold aeons
she whispers the word she gets on her knees & prays on
she’s the one who longs for a lullaby

A dream bent layout, strange colors same crayons
I drift off the lions, I dream off the lions till I bleed

I dream songs and Judy comes home
Home where she belongs